Lucy Morals Burlesque

Burlesque is the presentation of the human form in a flirtatious and
mesmerizing way, no matter what size, shape or age that body
comes in. Also called the art of tease,

Burlesque is a celebration of the human body in a body-positive
community. Join Lucy as she shows you how to flirtatiously seduce
your audience or your lover in this fun filled day of glamor and
Our classes welcome all shapes and sizes, all gender identities and
ages 18+. There exists no ageism, sexism or size/shape
expectations for those who wish to improve their bodies, minds,
souls and even their sensuality!

Burlesque Sampler Class   TBA
Pre-Register $15, $20 Day of Class

Let’s have a quickie, shall we? This class is an
introduction to some of the material taught in my
classes;  boa play, glove peels, panty pulls, stocking
tease, bra reveals and a few dance moves peppered
in for spice.

Beginner-Intermediate, 18 or older, all genders.
Bring: Satin 22” opera gloves (can be found at The
Green Gurl in Phx), a scarf longer than your
outstretched arms (no feathers please!), a pair of
thigh high stockings (no rubber stay ups please), a
back closing bra and a pair of panties.

if you are shy this can all be worn over your clothes.
No observers please. Classes are private and only for
those who pay to attend.
Burlesque Level One:
Props ~  TBA
630-730   $105

8 Weeks: July 2, 9, 16, 23, 30 Aug 6, 13, 20

This class requires a minimum of 5 pre-paid
students or it will be cancelled.

Sorry- no drop ins, full registration only. Class
is considered full at 10.

If the class sells out another one will be added
from 7:45-8:45pm.

Once you have pre-registered, you will be
emailed a list of what to bring to classes and
resources for where to buy those items.

REASON and cannot be held over to a later
date. If you pay and an emergency arises, you
may gift your paid slot to someone else,
however you may not share a class
Mizz Lucy Morals

Mizz Lucy has been teaching since 2004 and has been working to help
build the Arizona burlesque community since 2007. Her primary dance
background lies in bellydance and burlesque.

Mizz Lucy is also the director, producer and host emcee for Romantasy
Cabaret and Hanky Panky Revue shows in Phoenix Arizona and is an
established burlesque show producer. Her drive and focus combined
with her classic approach to burlesque, helps students build
confidence and esteem and experience how liberating burlesque and
dance can be.

If they make it to stage with what they've learned, then what better way
to celebrate their new-found confidence and talent than by sharing it
with others while covered in sating, glitter and rhinestones?